Combi Cutter Machine CC-34

R.P.M: 500/800 R.P.M ; 1450/2650 R.P.M
Net weight: 11kg
Size: 285*465*350mm
Power: 1000W
Cutting Tools: Slicers, Crimping slicers, Graters/Shredders, Julline cutters
Capacity: Up to 80 portions/day and up to 2 kg/minute. 0.9 liter feed cylinder, 53 mm tube feeder for elongated products.

Bowl: 3 litre.
Manufacturer: Hallde
Origin: Sweden


Table top machine with half-moon feed cylinder and stainless steel bowl, made to process 2 kg/minute or 10-80 portions/day. Machine has four speeds which switch depending on what preparation top is mounted. Machine is controlled with a turning knob instead of buttons. Vegetable preparation top is of 0.9 litre with a tube feeder of 53 mm in diameter.


Bowl is 3 litre and have a scraper system with three scrapers. Knives for bowl cutter are serrated. Machine base is made of ABS-plastic and the knife chamber of aluminium. Cutting tools are made of stainless steel, 185 mm in diameter and washable in dishwasher. Motor rotate the cutting blade clockwise via a self-tensioned toothed belt. Machine has handles for easy mobility.