Vegetable Preparation Machines RG-350

R.P.M: 360 R.P.M
Net weight: 32kg
Size: 325*735*540mm
Power: 750W
Cutting Tools: Slicers, Crimping slicers, Graters/Shredders, Julline cutters, Fine cut slicers, Soft slicers, Fine grater, Fine grater extra fine,Dicing grids, Standard slicers, Hard cheese grater, Potato chip/French fry grid, HC slicers, HC julline cutters, HC crimping slicers,
Capacity: Up to 1 500 portions/day. Up to 15 kg/minute.
Manufacturer: Hallde
Origin: Sweden


Vegetable preparation machine with leaning design and full moon feed cylinder, made to process up to15 kg/minute or 1 500 portions/day. Machine has aluminium pusher plate with loop shaped stainless steel handle and a tube feeder of 59 mm in diameter. Pusher plate with system for leverage effect. 5.7 litre feed cylinder with 62 mm inner wall. Cutting tools are made of stainless steel/aluminium with removable knifes/pla- tes and are 215 mm in diameter. Motor rotate the cutting blade clockwise and direct without intermediate belts.