Vegetable Preparation Machines RG-400i

R.P.M: 200 & 400 R.P.M
Net weight: 70.5kg
Size: 580*1210*715mm
Power: 1500/900W
Cutting Tools: Slicers, Crimping slicers, Graters/Shredders, Julline cutters, Fine cut slicers, Soft slicers, Fine grater, Fine grater extra fine,Dicing grids, Standard slicers, Hard cheese grater, Potato chip/French fry grid, HC slicers, HC julline cutters, HC crimping slicers,
Capacity: Up to 5 000 portions/day, and up to 3.6 tons/ hour (60 kg/ min). 3 different feed cylinders with volume: 9 litre.
Feed Hopper: volume approx. 23 litre.
4-tube Insert with four tubes: diameter 73 mm (2 tubes), 60 mm and 35
Manufacturer: Hallde
Origin: Sweden


Floor standing Vegetable Preparation Machine with a full moon, 9 litre Feed Cylinder, made to process up to 3.6 tons/ hour or 5 000 portions/day. Feed Cylinders, Feeders and Cutting Tools made of stainless steel, can be cleaned in a dishwasher machine. The machine has two speeds (200 and 400 rpm). The legs of the machine have two adjustable feet and two feet with wheels. Cutting tools made of stainless steel/ aluminum with removable knifes/plates, 215 mm in diameter. The motor with the maintenance free planetary gearing, rotates clock wise.